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I was born in Brasília in 1988 in a family of seven brothers, two of whom no longer live here. My parents, Isaías and Mauricéia, presented me with a childhood rich and vast enough of experiences for me to know several States and a dozen cities until the end of adolescence. An example of this is that I studied music and became a saxophonist in the Xingu region, in southeastern Pará, from 15 to 18 years old.

The question, as is typical of curious spirits, always accompanied me, and it was spirituality that attracted my greatest attention. In it, in addition to the intense experience in popular religiosity until my adolescence (having studied theology between 2008 and 2009), from the interiors between Sertão Nordestino, Amazônia and Goiás, on my family's routes in the field-forest.

The discontent with the inauthentic responses led me to pursue philosophy (whose graduation took place between 2010-2014) as something more than a simple hobby, as a way of life and profession, and I decided to study philosophy at the University of Brasília. There I experienced dives in the great themes of existence, in the anguish, nausea and vertigo of the too human world; in the hopes, powers and beauties of awakened life as described by the great masters. However, the result of the saga was different from what I expected. I felt lacking in completeness, absent from future hope. The skepticism and disenchantment of philosophical analysis took a good part of my desire to live. After graduating in Philosophy, in the aftermath of political struggles and theoretical displacements, I immersed myself in painting on canvas that has always been around me as a requirement for artistic dosage for the harshness of everyday social and political truths. During the master's (2015-2017), I deeply reconnected with my parents' Afro-indigenous legacy through agroecology that provided me with an unusual and transcendent encounter with Heidegger's work, allowing me to search for "to live in the original home" as an impulse constant return to the origins.

In 2017, in the midst of a severe depression, I was invited to meet the Family Constellation. I went without much expectation about the therapy, but the power of this knowledge immediately captivated me. The impact that the session left on me was so big and enough that it made me want to know in depth what was that touching magic, whose familiar characters lived the great saga of everyday life of each one with such gravity, beauty and dignity that it made me feel light and serene after so long. It seemed to have found out of the theories the "fluid" that connected all the fragmented parts of who I was. During this period, I got to know Ayahuasca, I approached diasporic spirituality, and mystical and magical studies in general, and I dedicated myself to Tibetan Buddhism Vajrayana (Kagyupa School), becoming a monk in that tradition.

I became a constellator in 2018 and I was moved to look for its origins, in response to a call that I only understood later. Only then did I focus on the spirituality of the Zulu people of South Africa, conducting an unprecedented research inside and outside Brazil where I discovered that the soul of the Family Systemic Constellation is Zulu. This involvement allowed me to drink from a source whose generous waters are abundant and perennial. I realized how much better a new approach to the constellation would be to respond to such wealth. Thus, I created the Zulu Systemic Constellation, a therapeutic method that honors the origin from which it drinks and dives into it without fear of getting lost in fragmenting cultural asepsis.

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