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Thokoza Institute

Zulu Constellation Session

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Zulu Constellation Therapeutic Session

Zulu Constellation therapeutic session for the treatment of family, organizational, legal conflicts; affective tangles, conflicting emotions, destructive thoughts, disturbing memories, traumas, destructive relationships, addictions, dysfunctions, limiting beliefs, phobias, depressions, and destructive behaviors.

The Zulu Constellation is a therapy totally inspired by the cosmovision of the people of South Africa from the practice of sangomas (shamans) who perform healing rituals following the principles of living ancestry, integration with nature, mediation between the world of the living and of the dead, interdependence, direct relationship with totality and political self-knowledge.

The session is composed of an initial conversation and the constellation itself, which lasts an average of 2h30. 


David WS Almeida

David is a constellation and created the Zulu Constellation method. He has seen countless patients since 2018. He is also a researcher at the University of Brasília (UnB) where he investigates in his doctorate the non-ordinary states of consciousness and their relationship with panpsychism.  

He moved to Durban, South Africa a few months ago to get to know the tradition of sangomas up close and deepen the Zulu Constellation method by learning from the creators of the knowledge that he respectfully tries to transmit.

Session value

BRL 300.00


Thokoza Institute

It is a building space for total well-being. The Zulu Constellation therapeutic technique is inspired by the culture of the Zulu people, especially their  spirituality whose relationship with the world of those who sleep is a keynote that determines all social dynamics, and especially healing rituals.

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180 Juniper Road, Essenwood, Berea, 4001 
Durban - Kwazulu-Natal - South Africa

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