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Zulu Constellation Training

Zulu Constellation Training

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The Zulu Constellation is a therapy totally inspired by the culture of the Zulu people, especially their  spirituality whose relationship with the world of those who sleep is a keynote that determines all social dynamics, and especially healing rituals.


The value refers to the pre-registration in the first module only!


Exclusive course for black people!


If you identify, no matter what your background, come. The moment demands authenticity and community more than ever. 

There will be 144 hours of live classes online, with a certificate being issued for those who take the 12 modules, plus support material and access to recorded classes. 


    Course Structure:

    Module 1: The Zulus and the Creation of the Zulu Constellation Method;

    Module 2: Ukuhlonipha (your place in the Ecosystem Network) and Earthly Spirituality;

    Module 3: The Family and the Community in the Ecosystem Vision;

    Module 4: The Integral Conception of Healing: Free Flow of Becoming;

    Module 5: The Figure of Sangomas and Inyangas; Ukuhlola and the Reading of the Ecosystemic Field;

    Module 6: Aggressors and Victims: The Dynamic that Connects Both in a Single Destination;

    Module 7: Affective Relationship and Initiation into Life Stages;

    Module 8: Therapeutic Aid and its Appropriate Place;

    Module 9: Service Techniques;

    Module 10: Organizational Constellation and Success in Life and Profession;

    Module 11: War and Peace: Love and Hate in Systems and in the Relationship Between Them;

    Module 12: Historical Justice and Reparation.



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