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Return and Refund Policy

You can exchange purchased products within 15 days of receiving them or return the items within 5 days of delivery, as long as the product is labeled, with all accessories, and has not been used.

Contact us through our service channels so that we can arrange the exchange and return.


Within 10 days, the refund request (resulting from a return) will be sent to the credit card or checking account with the same ownership.
The amount will be made available in accordance with the rules of the customer's card company or bank.

According to Article 49 of the Consumer Protection Code, you can withdraw from the contract, within 7 days of its signature or the act of receipt of the product or service, whenever the contracting for the supply of products and services takes place outside the establishment commercial, especially over the phone, at home or online.

If you regret the purchase, any amounts paid, in any capacity, during the reflection period, will be returned immediately, monetarily updated. For this, you only need to contact us through our service channels within the deadline.

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