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Mentoring in Systems Thinking

Discover a Present Culture that Lives Systemically

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 Act from the Zulu Constellation Principles

Begin the journey towards the strength and wisdom of the Zulu People

Among the Zulu people, natives of KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa, we find the deepest origin of the principles assumed and instantiated in the Constellations. It is in the figure of the Sangomas (doctors/priestesses/teachers) through the "Bone Throwing" that we come across the practice that synthesizes the strength and wisdom of this people to whom we owe the knowledge about the "Orders of Love" and about the Constellation as a whole.

Mentoring is based on the Zulu People's Culture


The course will present information on the Zulu Constellation Methodology which is totally guided by the principles of interdependence, totality, mediation, living ancestry, political self-knowledge, nature, equivalence of relationships, organicity of networks and authorities of the former.


Deepen your therapeutic and professional practice, gain depth in understanding the dynamics of social groups, broadening the systemic view, deepening confidence in the laws that govern the systems and in their wisdom for conflict resolution, as demonstrated in practice by the culture millenary Zulu whose knowledge about well-being and mental health proves to be powerful in its use by the Sangomas and in the Zulu Constellation.

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You will become a Systemic Mentor from Zulu Spirituality

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With this course you will become a Mentor in Systems Thinking, which will allow you to use Zulu concepts, thought structures and approach in any professional area, enhancing the integrated vision, the ecosystemic conflict resolution and the interdependent posture in dealing with problems relating to your area of expertise.

The course structure consists of 4 modules:

  • Module 01:


The Zulus and the Creation of the Zulu Constellation Method; The principles that underlie the constellation, rescue and recognition of the Zulu origin of its basic foundations;  

  • Module 02:


Ukuhlonipha (his place in the Ecosystem Network) and Earthly Spirituality; The scope of the Zulu Constellation for the treatment of various types of psychic disorders and destructive ancestral patterns;

  • Module 03:


The Family and the Community in the Ecosystem Vision; How other professional areas can include a systemic perspective in their performance;

  • Module 04:


The Integral Conception of Healing: Free Flow of Becoming; The possibilities of including in everyday life attitudes and speeches of recognition that come from the constellation.


David WS Almeida

David is a constellation and created the Zulu Constellation method. He has seen countless patients since 2018. He is also a researcher at the University of Brasília (UnB) where he investigates in his doctorate the non-ordinary states of consciousness and their relationship with panpsychism.  

He moved to Durban, South Africa a few months ago to get to know the tradition of sangomas up close and deepen the Zulu Constellation method by learning from the creators of the knowledge that he respectfully tries to transmit.

This Mentoring is for everyone who feels attracted to an integrative, systemic and African way of self-knowledge.

Mulher e psicóloga


Professor de matemática


Retrato de estúdio




Trabalhando em casa

social workers

Jovens empresárias


  • Enables you to act as a Mentor and Conflict Facilitator in any therapeutic, educational, legal, business, organizational, family area.

With this methodology, you will learn everything you need to incorporate into your day-to-day a concrete, real and current African model for dealing with conflicts.

Online dating (on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 am to 12 pm and from 2 pm to 5 pm, Brasília time):

There will be 40 hours of live classes online , plus access to recorded classes and handouts, with the issuance of a certificate for those who attend the 4 modules.


The course will be delivered online and live:


Module 1:  December 18th and 19th

Module 2:  January 29th and 30th

Module 3:  February 26th and 27th

Module 4:  March 26th and 27th 

Âncora 1

Payment options


You can choose to pay for Mentoring per module: R$800.00 per Module (total R$3,200.00);


Students who pay for all modules together receive a 12% discount on the total amount (reduces to R$2,816.00).


The amount can be split multiple times on the credit card.

Amount paid for each module, separately.

Advance payment for 12 modules and receive 12% off!

BRL 800.00

BRL 2,816.00

An unprecedented Mentoring for you with the right to a certificate  by Thokoza Zulu Constellation Institute

Brasiliense researcher delves into the culture of the South African Zulu ethnic group


"Durban is a port city in the province of KwaZulu-Natal, a region with a strong presence of the Zulu people, one of the main South African ethnic groups. Despite the notorious battle-hardened profile, the ethnic group was also the creator of the ubuntu philosophy, which it exalts the idea of human collectivity. A broad concept, but sometimes briefly defined as follows: I am because we are. For the researcher, this lifestyle is the greatest lesson that Brazilians should learn from the Zulus.

"I believe that, perhaps, we do not currently know other people who have such an elaborate conception, so rich in the sense of the health of human relationships and human relationships with another part of nature that is not us, that are other beings ” explained.

Another objective of the trip is to be able to have contact with a sangoma, the “main source” of research by the brasiliense. To better explain what sangomas are, he makes a comparison with well-known doctors.

“There is no better word to describe it. He is a doctor who does not use drugs from the pharmacy. It uses herbs, plants and teas and cures through these traditional methods, but mainly through communication with the person's ancestors, who are already deceased and who still have a strong connection with the family”, he defined.

But even though he is in Durban, and not in the countryside, the researcher said that everyday conversations with residents of different ethnicities are enriching." 

Thokoza Institute

It is a building space for total well-being. The Zulu Constellation therapeutic technique is inspired by the culture of the Zulu people, especially their  spirituality whose relationship with the world of those who sleep is a keynote that determines all social dynamics, and especially healing rituals.

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180 Juniper Road, Essenwood, Berea, 4001 
Durban - Kwazulu-Natal - South Africa

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